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     Polly's Pet Products, Inc. is the culmination of a life-long love of pet birds. Our original effort was to raise and sell exotic birds. One branch of our efforts involved developing a unique perch that would wear down a bird's nails as it occurs in the wild. With the assistance and advice of Dr. Bran Ritchie, veterinarian and Professor of Psittacine Research at the University of Georgia, we developed a cement-based perch that would naturally wear down a bird's nails, but would not harm a bird's feet. The product is sold as "Polly's® Pastel Perch," with its motto "Never Trim Your Bird's Nails Again." Check it out in our Perches & Stands products section!

family owned and operated since 1990

Polly's family
Dennis Knick-owner-with grand daughter Jessa Dickerson


 Now selling cuttlebone in 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes.  Please call for pricing.

               NEWS (2014):

     Polly's is NOT having a recall of our cuttlebone calcium perch because we are sure of the safety of our products. We have sent samples of this product out to science labs for tests in 2012 and have found that in all heavy metal toxicity test we were well below the standards. Yesterday I sent multiple samples to science labs for repeat toxicity testing. The results will be available and posted on our web site soon. Our cuttlebone and calcium perches have been a great source of calcium for countless birds in many countries for over 11 years with no problems. We at Pollys would like to talk about the most important question of the toxin source. This question is often over looked. What are the birds housed in? For example galvanized zinc cages or chain link cages with zinc bars and zinc latches are the most likely sources of zinc toxicity. All environmental questions must be answered before anyone can identify the true source of this toxin. Polly's is deeply saddened about the loss of 2 of our avian friends but we are standing behind the safety of our products.

Dennis Knick, Owner
Polly's Pet Products, Inc.

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Letter from Sarah:

Sarah's letter  


Email from Customer:

Dear Mr. Knick,

     I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the pair of BEAUTIFUL hand-made Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perches I just received! They are perfect in every way, just as my old 17 year old perch is! It was so kind of you to go out of your way and make these for me and I appreciate it very much. We discussed the downfall of small business in the U.S. under the crushing weight of the over-whelming competition of cheap goods coming in from China. These are so very much better, I am so relieved for the health of my bird's feet! Thank you again for your prompt and courteous response both in contacting me and sending me the finshed products, and most of all, thank you for caring. I wish Polly's Pet Products well in the future and hope you will continue to be a staple of the avian supply industry for a long time.  

     Thank you again,

     Raye Lynn