Perches & Stands:
Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Our Promise to You: The Highest Quality and the Best Value with Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Provides Essential Minerals: This perch contains the same 9 minerals found in this natural deposit that birds need to stay heathly

Satisfying Chewing Activity: Perch provides an essential chewing activity

Each Mineral is present in the exact amount necessary to nutritionally balance the other foods they eat. All nine minerals are needed by birds to stay healthy.

Calcium: Needed for strong bones, proper muscle function, and eggshell production
 Minerals 18%

Iron: Carries oxygen in the blood and needed by hens for egg production
Minerals 1.8%

Manganese: Required for metabolism of fats and sugars; improves hatchability
Minerals .10%

Potassium: Needed for normal heart and muscle activity
Minerals .10%

Zinc: Needed for sexual maturity in males; involved in formation of feathers.
Minerals .01%

Copper: Helps keep blood vessels flexible for good circulation and promotes healing.
Minerals .002%

Magnesium: Activates Enzymes for absorption and transportation of nutrients
Minerals .85%

Phosphorus: Releases energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
Minerals .20%

Sodium: Aids protein absorption and maintains ionic strength of body fluids
Minerals 1.2%